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Running a business is tough and frankly it’s never been tougher than today. Uncertainty about Brexit and increased competition have combined to make 2017 and testing year for many businesses owners.

The way people are using the internet has really changed, driven by mobile but going way beyond just having a mobile responsive website. And as a business owner, you need to know what the changes are, how they are affecting your marketing and what you can do to get the Sales Enquiries you need.

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The seminar is from 9am – 12 noon on  Wednesday 20th December 2017

*If the seminar is free there must be a catch! Well sort of yes. Normally we charge £95+ VAT to attend but in the current economic climate we think it’s vital that all businesses know what can work for them, so if you book and attend, the seminar is free, however, if you book then don’t attend without giving us 24 hours notice, then we will invoice you £49 + VAT which will be donated to our favourite charity

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